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Stunt Drives - "Ride Along" Experience

Price: $49.00
Offer Summary

Are you the ultimate backseat driver? Now you can go along for the ride!

Is your family member or friend participating in the Wings & Slicks Stunt Driver Experience? The "Ride Along" lets you tag along and experience all the same spectacular manoeuvres from the passenger's seat. See your loved one in action!


With this experience, you will be a passenger while your friend or family member participates in the Stunt Driving Adventure. This offer is only valid with the purchase of a Wings and Slicks Stunt Driving Experience . 

The Program begins with a short classroom session for some basic driving tips and safety rules, then the participants are split into small groups and introduced to the track instructor who will be their instructor for the day. The instructor will demonstrate each skill before it’s the particpant's turn to take the wheel. Each skill taught will prepare them for the next maneuver. They will be allowed to practice each maneuver a minimum of four times each for a total of 16 runs or more. And you get a front-row seat to the action!

We provide the cars, a safe environment and professional instruction to do things most people only read about or watch on TV.


8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, Ontario
Tel: 888-267-9123
Additional Notes

What to Wear: Light comfortable clothing. Prepare for rain or shine. This is an outdoor event.


Country Heritage Park
8560 Tremaine Road
Milton, Ontario

What's Included

Your LifeExperiences package includes:

Included in your 4 hour experience are the following exciting maneuvers, which you will experience as a passenger:

  • Slalom course runs
  • Threshold Breaking Accident Avoidance
  • Throttle Steering
  • Hand Brake Turns (JTurn)
  • 180° Spins (The Rockford Turn)
  • Competition Round

Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. After receiving your certificate, please call the experience provider to book your reservation.
  2. Identify that you are booking a LifeExperiences package and quote the number on your certificate. 
  3. Be sure to bring the certificate with you. It is your method of payment.


Terms & Conditions
  • This offer is only valid with the purchase of a Stunt Driving Experience
  • An insurance waiver must be signed by every participant.
  • This is a safe and fun program however we reserve the right to remove any participant from the program if we deem them a danger to themselves or others without refund.
  • No driver liability for damage to the cars.
  • Advanced reservations required, Subject to availability Programs run between April and October.
  • Reserve your experience by email at: bookings@toronto.stuntdrives.com
  • From time to time we may need to reschedule booked dates due to reasons outside of our control.
  • Policies subject to change without notice.
  • Must present certificate upon arrival.
  • This offer is valid for two years from date of purchase.
  • This gift certificate is only redeemable for the outlined services as defined in the pack.
  • May not be redeemed for cash.
  • This certificate has no implied warranties.
  • LifeExperiences.ca. shall not be responsible for injury, accident, loss, misfortune or damage of any kind (to property or person) relating to any of the above services