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Wings and Slicks - Stunt Driving 201 (Advanced)
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Stunt driving experience in Milton 

The program starts off with a review the basic principles and stunts of Stunt Driving 101:  J-Turns, Reverse 180s and the Slalom, along with a few practice runs to get you warmed up. Next you will learn and practice three new stunts:

  • Forward and Reverse Slalom: a super challenging maneuver when done in reverse. It kind of feels like you just trained for the space program when you are done.
  • J-Turn Parallel Parking: we will set up a target for you to slide into, and then measure the results. The current world record is a 7.5 cm distance between two parked cars. It takes lots of practice and precision to achieve this stunt. But don’t worry you won’t damage anything, our targets are flexible!
  • Alley Way Reverse 180: we will give you a very tight area to execute this maneuver with precision. As you you increase your accuracy we add in a chase car to distract your attention, and may even throw in a paintball gun to get you off your game a little more! As with the J-Turn Parallel Parking you will be judged on your accuracy and speed.

At the end of the day you compete with your fellow participants in a course designed to challenge you in every way, with prizes for the Most Accurate J-Turn, and the Best Overall Time. These results will be posted on our web site so you can see who is at the top after each event. You will be judged according to specific Rules of Measurement.

So you think you can drive? How about giving our new Stunt Driving 201 Advanced Program a try?

Stunt Driving 201 features new challenges, maneuvers, and competitions, with a focus on precision. This event runs for four hours, similar to the Stunt Driving 101, but class sizes are limited to give each driver 30% more time behind the wheel.


YES! There will be prizes for  “Most Accurate J-Turn” and for the “Fastest Overall Time” at each event. The winners from each event this season will be invited to participate in our special end of year event – The Best of the Best Challenge. This challenge will see you compete against all other winners from the season. This final event of the season will operate similarly as the other events so tickets will be need to purchased and reservations confirmed.

The people with the “Most Accurate J-Turn” and the “Fastest Overall Time” out of all the events from the entire season will win a free seat in the Best of the Best Challenge. The times will be posted on our web site after each event, so you can see if you are in the running!

Additional Notes

What to Wear: Light comfortable clothing. Prepare for rain or shine. This is an outdoor event.

  • 8560 Tremain Rd
    Milton, Ontario
    L9T 2Y3

Your LifeExperiences Package Includes:

  • Short classroom session with basic driving tips and safety rules
  • Track instructor who will teach you the following skills:
    • J-Turn and reverse 180 Turn
    • + 15 min – Chalk Talk – How to execute and safety briefing
    • + 45 min – J-Turn – Our Instructors will demonstrate with you one on one in car. You are in the right seat then you get in the driver’s seat and our instructor stays with you as you take 6 runs at executing this turn.
    • + 45 min – Reverse 180 Turn – Our Instructors will demonstrate with you one on one in car. You are in the right seat then you get in the driver’s seat and our instructor stays with you as you take 6 runs at executing this turn.
    • +15 min – Certificate Presentation and Photo op.Locations:

Your LifeExperiences package includes:

Included in your 4 hour experience are the following exciting maneuvers:

  • Slalom driving. You have 6 runs driving through a course, working on accuracy and speed.
  • J-Turn. The fast tight turn is demonstrated first by the instructor and then it’s your turn to take 4 runs mastering this manoeuvre.
  • Reverse 180. As with the J-Turn, this stunt is demonstrated with you in the passenger seat, then its over to you for 6 runs.


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