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In today’s corporate environment, reward and recognition programs need to be inspiring and memorable. You want to create a big impact with even bigger results.   

Experiences are unique, unexpected and motivate employees like no other reward. And Life Experiences are also a great way to recognize teams and engage potential clients. As the largest experiential gift company in the country, we offer over 800 options nationally, with competitive pricing and a quick and easy ordering process.  It's no wonder we're so popular with our corporate clients!

We have a experience for every interest and budget. And if you are not sure which experience your recipient will like, give a $50, $100 or $200 Gift Card to be used towards an experience of their choice!

Life Experiences are perfect for:

Client/Customer Gifts
Let your clients and customers know that you appreciate their business.  Give a gift that creates a memory and a long lasting relationship. 

Employee Gifts
Recognizing and rewarding your executive team is just as important as providing recognition for your front-line employees.
Providing incentives and reward programs with unique gifts is an important retention and engagement strategy, and will keep team members motivated and focused on meeting corporate objectives.

Retirement Gifts
It’s rare when employees dedicate 5, 10 or 15 years with a company today.  When someone has dedicated themselves to the success of a company for an extended period of time, a unique retirement gift is necessary. An experience will leave a good and lasting impression of your organization.  

Sales Incentives
Providing your sales team with effective sales incentives is vital to keeping employees motivated, strategic and results driven. So motivate your sales team with the opportunity to experience the experience of Life Experiences!

Sales Promotions
Gone are the days of couponing and rebates.  Value-added promotions are what drive consumers to purchase.  What better incentive to buy than to offer them a Life Experience product with purchase, or a chance to win a Life Experience of a lifetime in a sweepstakes contest!

Team Building Events
Whether you’re looking to build morale or simply reward your team for a job well done, we can create a custom team experience that will keep them motivated and encourage them to work even harder toward the next milestone.

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