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Price: $50.00
Location: Montebello, Quebec

It doesn't get any easier.

Use your LifeExperiences gift card or this certificate towards your green fees at this venue. 

Please be sure to present your card/certificate upon arrival.

Your Golf Gift Certificate can be redeemed like cash at participating golf courses across Canada.

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Visit and select the Golf category in your region to explore participating courses nearby.

2. When booking your tee time, quote the number on this certificate.

3. Be sure to bring a printed copy of this certificate to redeem at the golf course.

Please refer to the website for details of the specific terms and conditions for each golf course.

Price: $100.00
Locations: Montreal, Toronto, Banff, Calgary, La Malbaie ...

Discover the Castles of Canada  - Create your own experience

The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts gift certificate is redeemable towards any Canadian Fairmont Hotel & Resort property.  For a complete list of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts properties available for use with this gift certificate, please go to

It's easy to redeem your Fairmont Hotels & Resort certificate:

  1. Call Fairmont Hotels & Resorts at 1-800-257-7544.
  2. Quote the number printed on this certificate.
  3. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will book your reservation.
  4. Be sure to bring this certificate to present to your Fairmont Hotels & Resorts destination upon arrival
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