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Cline River Heliport

Complete Heli Horseback Expedition for One
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Experience the Rockies by Helicopter and on Horseback!


ICEFIELD HELICOPTER TOURS - Experience the Rockies by air and on the ground. From viewing the Rockies by helicopter to exploring the wilderness on horseback, there’s something for the whole family. As a part of the heli adventure, you also enjoy a Cowboy BBQ lunch in the fresh mountain air.

KANANASKIS HELI TOURS - You enjoy a 12-minute heli-sightseeing tour prior to arriving at Rafter 6 Ranch for a guided 2-hour trail ride in the Canadian Rockies and Cowboy lunch. Riding at Rafter 6 Rancher is suitable for beginners, experts and even the young buckaroos!

Imagine the freedom of an eagle floating on the wind, as you fly above majestic mountain peaks, savouring the scenery below. This feeling will linger long after returning from Icefield and Kananaskis Heli Tours’ “The Most Powerful Experience in the Rockies.” These two unique locations, in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, offer a broad range and variety of heli-sightseeing tours and packages – corporate and individual. In summer your helicopter can take you sightseeing or drop you on a mountainside with a certified hiking or yoga instructor. Here you can slow your pace, calm your mind and inhale fresh mountain air. 
In the winter, leave your snowshoe tracks in the pristine snow or join a heli-dogsled adventure along secluded forest pathways. How about getting married in a deserted ‘mountain cathedral’? Imagine standing in an alpine meadow, looking into each other’s eyes, and saying "I do." 
You have to experience the Rocky Mountains up close and personal on a heli tour.

Icefield Helicopter Tours is located near Lake Louise in Banff National Park, providing ready access to heli-sightseeing tours of the Columbia Icefield, Cline Glacier and Wilson Glacier. We can provide heli tours and packages for those planning for a wedding, a company social event, or just a chance to do see some majestic mountain scenery?

All around, as far as the eye can see, are majestic mountains and glaciers. These sights are something that cannot be done justice driving by in a car. To really appreciate the natural beauty away from the road, one has to view it up close in a helicopter!

Kananaskis Helicopter Tours is a full service helicopter tourism provider known for panoramic views combined with comfortable and fun helicopter activities. Their conveniently situated Nakoda heliport is located 30 minutes west of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway #1) and 20 minutes east of Canmore. You can choose from an assortment of heli-sightseeing tours and packages that are suitable for all ages. The local micro climate provides the opportunity for more flying days than any other Canadian Rockies location.

Cline River Heliport, Alberta
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