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Niagara Skydive Centre - Tandem Skydive
Price: $299.00


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Experience the thrill of freefalling from up to 13,500 ft in Dunville!

The perfect gift for any adrenaline junkie to enjoy!

Combining the thrill, speed and sensation of flying with safety and training, your Tandem Skydive will start with 1/2 hour of ground preparation.

You will be harnessed to a fully qualified instructor utilizing equipment specially built to take 2 people skydiving. With a harness that connects to your instructor at 4 points (2 shoulder connectors, and 2 hip connectors), you can rest assured that you are totally secure!

After a 10-20 minute airplane ride up to 10,500 ft or 13,500 ft (depending on the type of aircraft used), you will experience a freefall out of the plane for an exhilirating 35 - 50 seconds before your instructor opens the main parachute. You will then be given the opportunity to help fly the parachute safely back to the landing area. 

Definitely an experience that wll create memories that will last a lifetime!

Located in Dunville, this Tandem skydive experience requires a time commitment of 3-4 hours on a weekend.


536 Port Maitland Rd, Dunville, Ontario
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