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Niagara Skydive Centre
Solo First Jump Course
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High flying fun for one in Dunville!

If you’ve never felt the rush of jumping from a plane and falling through the air, the Solo First Jump Course from the Niagara Skydive Centre is for you. Designed for the person who wants to ‘take charge’ of their skydive, it is truly a life altering experience.

After extensive on-ground training and practice, you’ll be flown up to 3,000 feet where you’ll climb out of the plane and suspend yourself from the strut. On the word ‘Go!’ from your instructor, you will let go and free fall for a thrilling three seconds – the length of time it takes for your parachute to open. Then, via a one-way radio, your instructor will guide you through the air and to a safe landing. A perfect first jump!

536 Port Maitland Rd, Dunville, Ontario
Additional Notes

Three Decades of Professional Service.

The owners of Niagara Skydive Centre have been introducing first time jumpers to the sport of skydiving for thirty years. Members of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA), they are committed to providing the best possible instruction available.

Instructors at the Niagara Skydive Centre have earned CSPA ‘Instructor’ ratings for the program(s) they teach, plus a Coach One or Two rating from the Coaching Association of Canada.

Expect the best from your Solo First Jump with Niagara Skydive Centre.

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