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Fly a Jet Airliner Simulator!
(Deluxe Package)
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Experience Flying a Real Jet-Liner with Threshold Aviation in Toronto!

Learn all about the planning, systems, and operations of the world's most popular jet airliner!. This package includes a half hour of pre-flight briefing with one of our qualified instructors. You will learn the basics of the 737-800's systems and plan out your simulator session. Upon completion of your briefing, you then proceed into our Boeing 737-800 simulator with the instructor for a full three and a half hour session! This is not a toy! Our simulator is used by airlines and real world pilots and mechanics for training! You can practice anything, from, takeoffs and landings, normal aircraft start up procedures, or even try your skills at handling an emergency situation! With the duration of this package, you can do a fully realistic flight between cities, where you power up the aircraft, load the flight plan into the flight management computer, pushback from the gate, start engines taxi out to the runway, take off then fly to the city of your choice! We recommend this package for someone who really wants to get in depth into how things work aboard a jet airliner. This experience also makes a great gift for someone who has a fear of flying, as they get an excellent understanding of how everything works behind the scene on an airliner.

Threshold Aviation Training & Flight Simulations gives individuals, groups and corporate clients a very unique opportunity to experience the closest thing to flying a real jet airliner! Our Boeing 737-800 Next Generation Simulator is used by airlines and real life pilots for training!. Now you too can get a taste of this exciting adventure! Highly informative, easy to understand pre-flight briefings with live one on one instruction throughout, provide a level of experience of unparalleled realism! The fully functional flight instrumentation, overhead system panels, and authentic Boeing manufactured flight controls, combined with a wrap-around visuals system provide a stunningly realistic simulation! Our highly trained instructors, and our comfortable, professional atmosphere along with our group, meeting or seminar facilities provide an incredible Threshold Aviation Simulator experience! 

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