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Couples Massage in Salt Cave
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Enjoy a couples registered massage in our healing salt cave at Zenbar Healing Studio in Oakville  

Enjoy a massage for two, side-by-side in our beautiful candlelit Salt Cave. 60 minutes of relaxation as you absorb and breath in sterile salt air that is atomized into the space using a medical generator.  The salt air absorbed during an hour treatment mimics that of being ocean side for 3 days.  Halo therapy has many healing benefits including relaxation, immune functions, lowering blood pressure and stress reduction.   This unique treatment makes a great gift or shared experience for any two-some.

Upon arrival, you will change into a robe and slippers and be guided to our zen lounge.  Here you will relax and enjoy a tea by candlelight as you await your treatment.  The two massage therapists will introduce themselves and briefly go over your health history.  You will be guided together to our salt healing cave where you will have exclusive use of this room for the duration of your massage.  There will be two treatment tables beside each other and two separate therapists to provide treatment (and two separate insurance receipts)

 Enjoy the healing benefits of massage and the salt cave during this unique service you can enjoy together.


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