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Staying connected to those you love and care for during this time can be challenging. It is hard to replicate the joy found through in-person social interactions with friends and family, but if a special gift-giving occasion is coming up, this list of experiences might just brighten their day.

Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul's Gift Baskets - The Hostess

No matter who you are gifting, you really can't go wrong with a fantastic gift basket. The Hostess offers a beautiful selection of food gift baskets for every occasion and preference with tastefully curated products and crafty packaging.

The Spring Essential Bathing Set-Audre

The Spring Essential Bathing Set - Audre

Treat your special someone to a spa experience at home. Audre is the sum of a yogi and designer based in Montreal with a love for plant-based skincare in minimalist and sustainable packaging. There is nothing more calm, therapeutic and romantic than a relaxing tub.

Home Design

Home Design Guide Gift

Staying productive and efficient is showing right now in the home improvement sector. If you know of anyone in a similar phase, there is no better gift than this home design guide gift card. Whether you need interior or exterior design, home-staging expertise to help you sell or stay in your home, budget make-over advice, help to find your perfect colour and unique style, or just need to have your product choice or direction checked by a designer.

Clear Water

Intimate Seafood Dinner for Two - Clearwater Seafood

Know someone who enjoys gourmet cooking or would appreciate a fantastic Lobster meal? Look no further as Clearwater Seafood offers a wide range of home-delivered gourmet Lobster across Canada.

Ruby Brown

Scented Candle - Ruby Brown

Aromatherapy can help you feel calm, relax and get your brain get into a more productive mindset. Staying at home for weeks straight will take a toll on anyone. Adding candles in your home can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The amazing Ruby Brown Scented candle is made of pure soy wax, is hand-poured in Canada and burns for 60 hours of happiness.


$50 Gift Certificate - LifeExperiences

Still can't decide? A LifeExperiences.ca ALL ACCESS gift certificate gives them access to hundreds of amazing experiences across Canada. Give now, redeem later - our gift certificates never expire.