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Home-staging to stay
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Home staging expertise to help you stay in your home

Over the years it’s easy for our homes to lose their way. As our personal style and decorative trends evolve, our interiors can be left struggling to find their identity, or simply become too full!

Our lifestyles are in constant evolution, making it hard for your home to keep up. Mis- matched or outdated furnishings can ‘weight a room down’, and make updating them feel like a huge and costly challenge. That’s why we created our Home Staging to Stay experience.

Your designated design expert we'll help you curate existing belongings, and suggest pertinent changes and purchases that fit your budget, helping to re-style, re-vive and re-fresh your room, delivering the expertise you need to create an interior that reflects your current taste and lifestyle needs.


Additional Notes

Need help finding a qualified contractor or trades-person?

While design at distance does not provide on-site assistance, or participate in any way with the physical realization of your project, we can provide names of affiliated trades-people working in your area, along with hints and tips on how to get the best from your working relationship.

Keep the number on your card/certificate to keep in touch with your designer and get updated on great offers from our commercial partners and keep your decorative scheme current as seasons change; long after your project is finished.



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