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The Art of Wine and Cheese - For One
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Enjoy a one of a kind experience pairing wine and cheese!

Have you ever wondered which wine would go great with your favourite cheese? Well this experience is an opportunity to learn the art and science of matching wine and food. Your experience includes tasting eight different wines from all over the world, each one expertly paired with a different type of cheese and a projected presentation in a room with a splendid view of Lake Ontario. We will also cover how to taste wine on the basic level, and how acidity, oak, tannins, colour, fruit flavours and other components impact the wine, its finished quality and how it matches with food. You will understand what to look for in a quality wine, and you will learn the lingo to better communicate your wine tastes to others.

Your expert for the evening is Steve Thurlow, @SteveOnWine Principal Critic and partner and one of Canada’s leading authorities on the subject. As an international wine judge and the Education Director for the Independent Wine Education Guild (IWEG) Steve brings decades of experience to this special experience.

All of the wines are available at LCBO and many will be on Steve's Top 50 Best Value Wines list. By the end of the experience you will understand which types of cheese will enhance which types of wine and, just as importantly, which will not. All sessions are from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

*Your email address will be needed before the event as detailed location information is sent to you a few days before the workshop. Please provide that to Wine for Life after purchasing your Life Experience to ensure that all necessary information can be sent to you before the event

Please ensure that you contact Wine for Life to secure your spot in the workshop after purchasing this certificate.

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