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Battle Sports Archery Dodgeball - For Two

Price: $49.99
Offer Summary

Experience the thrill and excitement of Archery dodgeball in Toronto!

Imagine yourself holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. You are in the heat of battle, hidden behind a protective wall, and two opponents across the wall stand waiting, ready to strike. You cock your arrow and close your eyes for a fleeting moment, visualizing the next several seconds which will decide the fate of this battle. In an explosion of movement, you dash out from behind the wall, pulling against the bowstring and aiming at your target simultaneously. 

You see an axe lying on the ground, and you pick it up as you dodge in one swift motion. Aim, swing, release. The axe leaves your hands, and spins about in the air, heading at your opponent. Your aim is true, and the axe strikes her in the thigh. You rise as the victor in this battle. Heroism. Valour. Courage.

This is Archery Dodgeball. This is Battle Sports.

26 Ashwarren Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (647) 800-6977
What's Included

Your LifeExperiences Package Includes:

  • 90 minutes of activity (30 minutes of training and 60 minutes of mission-based battles) for two.
  • All protective gear (full-face masks, arm guards, and chest protectors) will be provided.
  • All equipment (16-24 lbs recurve bows, foam-tipped arrows, and foam axes) will be provided.

*Please dress in active gear

*Arrive 15 minutes prior to start of booking time

Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. After receiving your certificate, please call the experience provider to book your reservation.
  2. Identify that you are booking a LifeExperiences package and quote the number on your certificate. 
  3. Be sure to bring the certificate with you. It is your method of payment.


Terms & Conditions
  • 1 day advance reservations required
  • You must email a copy of your LifeExperiences gift certificate to Battle Sports
  • Must be 12 years or older to participate
  • Participants under 18 years old require parental/guardian signature
  • Please print & sign the waiver http://www.battlesports.ca/waiver/ & present upon arrival
  • Subject to availability
  • Policies subject to change without notice
  • Must present PRINTED certificate upon arrival
  • This offer is valid for two years from date of purchase
  • May not be redeemed for cash
  • This certificate has no implied warranties
  • LifeExperiences.ca shall not be responsible for any injury, accident, loss, misfortune or damage of any kind (to property or person) relating to any aspect of the above services